About me


My name is Jacob. I come from Poland. Since 2011 I have created more than 200 unique wedding films, as well as multiple commercials, promotional videos and intructional films, but my greatest passion has always been photography. Although I have more than 10 years of photographic experience, my dream to start working as a professional photographer materialised only last year. I am still building my portfolio, which means you can take advantage of my services in 2022 for a greatly reduced price or even for free, in exchange for your permission to use created photos as my promotion. 

My beloved Wife sometimes helps me at work. Not only does she light up the plan so that the photos look amazing, she also cares about small details that can often be overlooked when I focus on a big picture. (Here we are in the photo.) 🙂

We are always trying to make you feel comfortable during a photoshoot, so that you can show your real “you”. 

My prices are quite low, because I enjoy taking pictures a lot and if I had to perform my job for free for some time, I would probably do that. However, please remember that I run a legal business activity, I pay taxes, health insurance and about 30%-60% of the amount you pay me, are the costs I have to bear.

If you are interested in cinematography, I would like to invite you to visit a Facebook page of my “first baby”: Mfilm Media

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